“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence;
but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.”
― Henry Ward Beecher ―


Time has passed quicker than a day in the calendar. Seasons come and go, and then finally the past has ended. It is the time for us to meet a brand new future with passion and courage more than ever before.

Sousenkyou Senbatsu 2017 is in our sight. The days that we have been waiting for will come soon as well. The curtain of the battleground between the oppositions to make their oshi become senbatsu will be opened. And it is our duty as fans of Our Majesty, Cindy Yuvia, to bring, not only remaining in the position she was before but also more, straight to the legendary seat of Position Zero, The Global Center.

As we all know, this year we have a theme, which is an unforgettable journey. With this, we as a fanbase of Cindy Yuvia, will always accompany her on a journey toward her dream.

On the way to the highest point in Sousenkyo 2017 was not an easy journey. It took a hard struggle and a long journey towards it. Because of its, we have prepared several projects which will facilitate the journey.

Some projects that we will do in this year Sousenkyo’s are :


For friends who wants to help us on this journey, Fans of Cindy Yuvia or not, we will provide an opportunity for all of you to donated to us. This donation is voluntary. The amount of this donation’s will continue to be updated in our official website.

Donation via Paypal

Bundle Project

As in previous years, we would have to prepare a bundling package for all of you. This Bundling package is different from the previous year. In our previous bundling offers several types of bundles with different prices. But this year we were not offered variants of bundling. Of course we will provide a better bundling than before.

This bundling packages alone will certainly accompany your running activity. Why running? Because we will provide Running Package for all of you. Running package will consist of; Jersey Running, Drawing String Bag, Tumbler (Infuse Water), Towel, Trucker Cap and Pin at a price of 500.000 IDR for each bundle.

This bundling can already be ordered to us. The money that has been collected will be fully used to vote for Sousenkyo later. This bundling deliberately launched from far away days so all of you can raise funds and help Cindy Yuvia in Sousenkyo later.

We have witnessed how a little girl who did not have any expertise that is enough to attract people to be as great as it now has the ability to dance and the beauty of Goddess Freyja in Norse Mythology. But all has not been ended, Yupi still in the battlefield to achieve the highest seat in the system of JKT48 group, which is the Global Center. And we have not stopped striving to help her to achieve her dreams. Therefore, we will ask you all, do you want to see Yupi managed to take over the chair? Do you want to take part in the colossal event this year? Do all of you still believe in Yupi? ? Join our journey and fight!! We will walk side by side to the top ahead!!

Amor vincit omniA